TGW 19 recordings

Session 1: John 13:1-17: Foot washing and serving

Steve Lancaster begins his teaching from the Upper Room discourse.

Session 2: John 13:18-38: Love one another

Steve Lancaster continues his teaching looking at what it means to love with a determined agape love.

Session 3: John 14:15-27 and 16:15-25: The Holy Spirit

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Steve Lancaster teaches us from John’s gospel.

Session 4: John 15:1-17: The Vine

Being a branch in the Vine.

Seminar A: Why read Christian books? by Jonathan Carswell

We’ve listed most of the books Jonathan mentions below. (The links open in a new tab, and will take you to the website.)

Seminar B: Biblical Counselling by Katie Fitzgerald